Thursday, February 14, 2008

VA to AZ drive summary

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Now that I am here and have somewhat setup my place, I am taking some time to reflect on the trip.

Having an iPod to listen to the entire time was great. I had a lot of podcasts to catch up on and then when I ran out of those, I had a series of podcasts to learn spanish. I listened to the language learning podcasts, but did not really concentrate on learning spanish. However, I did crank out the tunes from the iPod during Missouri since I wanted to stay focused on the roads and ice.

I stayed in some great hotels. The Best Western in Yukon, OK and Albuquerque, NM were great and I strongly recommend them. They have just finished remodeling the on in Albuquerque and it is a beautiful hotel. However, the underground parking threw me off a little.

Some of the coolest things I saw included the largest McDonald’s in the world. I did not stop here and I would have had I realized what it was in enough time. It is located over I-44 in Oklahoma. Another thing that I liked were the wind farms in Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico.

I am in the process of adding a photo album of the trip and another little surprise.

In the random thoughts category, I think the dumbest animal has to be a skunk. I saw more of them dead on the road than any other animal. Also, once you get to Oklahoma, do not expect to see many rest areas. They are far and few between and most are just a park and picnic area.

Best Roadside Signs
  • Blasting Zone (IN)
  • Do Not Drive Into Smoke (OK)
  • Do Not Enter If Flooded (AZ)

Overall Trip Facts
Started: Virginia Beach, VA
Finished: Mesa, AZ
States Visited: WV, KY, IN, IL, MO, OK, TX, NM (10 total)
Miles Driven: 2412
Average MPG: 30.5
Road Time: 40 hours
Fastest Speed Limits: 75 MPH - OK (I-44 only), NM, AZ
Slowest Speed Limits: 65 MPH - VA and IL

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