Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Arizona Renaissance Festival

Saturday was not just the Spring Equinox, but also a day for us to visit the Arizona Renaissance Festival. The festival is located about a 30 minute drive from us, just east of the Superstition Mountains.

We made sure that we attended all three jousting tournaments. The first one ends with no real winner declared after a great spectacle of the catching rings on their lances, running obstacle courses, and then jousting each other. The second one ends with a bit of a temper tantrum with two knights challenging the two to a "duel to the death". The final joust ends with all of the knights eventually being dismounted and then engaging in sword play. At one point, an "evil" knight wields a flaming sword. But in the end a "good" knight wins.

We also caught a show of a guy that does all sorts of neat tricks with a whip, including one that is on fire as he uses it.

There were a lot of street entertainers and costumes to see. We started planning what we might wear for Halloween and next year's ren faire.

The girls had a blast and it was a beautiful spring day that was nice and warm. Yes, we all did come home with a little sunburn from the AZ sun, but it was a very mild one.

This was also the end of Spring Break for the girls, they go back to school on Monday.

Pictures from the Arizona Renaissance Festival:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting back to normal

First and foremost, Steven got his bike back today! So after a long seven and half weeks, he will begin biking to work again. The weather has been cooperating, and we are looking forward to the high temperatures getting into the mid-80s this week with the lows still hovering in the low 50s. Plus the girls are on spring break this week, so the good weather is a very welcome thing after the soggy February we just had (1.36" - 19th wettest on record) the followed the 4th wettest January (2.43").

Not too long ago, Lindsey had another chorus concert and Steven recorded (see video below). He has also been having fun with his new camera. He has made a point to take a picture everyday that he shares on Flickr. Take a look at the album below.

Dawn picked up tickets for us all to go to Senior Day for the ASU Men's Basketball team. It was great to see ASU wallop UCLA from the tip, but it was sad to see ASU miss the NCAA Tournament despite finishing second in the Pac-10 Conference during the regular season.

Steven also took a day off to join Lexi and her class for a field trip to Chase Field. They enjoyed getting a behind the scenes tour that included the visiting team's locker room and the home team dugout.

Chase Field Tour:

Picture of the Day:

Friday, March 5, 2010

So even though Steven's bike isn't fixed yet, I decided it was time to get back on my bike. It suddenly hit me that the triathlon that I want to participate in is only 9 weeks away. So all sorts of activity this week. Monday and Wednesday involved walking/jogging with Tuesday being a bike day. I am averaging about 2 miles on the walk/jog and about 10 on the bike rides. Thursday I combined them trying to simulate doing both of them in one day. I did ok. I spent too long in the transition area( the house) but did ok with doing both activities in one day. I included some weight lifting and then after weeding the front yard I took Violet for a walk. So yesterday was an active day. I was hoping to get another active day in today, but had to go to ASU to solve some problems with my registration there. That took most of the morning and then getting a wedding present for some friends took up a good chunk of the afternoon. So I guess I will have to find some time this weekend to squeeze in the exercise. My plan is to ride my bike to work on Monday and Wednesday and on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday next week do the double thing again. I am doing the weightlifting every day.

I had forgotten how meditative getting in the groove when exercising can be. Lots of random thoughts going through the brain when you are out on the bike. I know that part of my problems with food are hating to cook for myself and feeling as if being able to buy lunch out gives me a sense of doing something for my self. In the past I used to take that as the only thing that I could do for my self. Since moving out here, Steven has worked hard to make sure I knew that I came first to him atleast. It has taken some time but I am finally ready to believe it. I have spent some time convincing myself of it and I feel as if it is finally starting to take hold.

Oh well onto the plan for the next week. Well Saturday we are going to get our veggies from Bountiful Baskets a food coop we belong to. Then off to an ASU Men's basketball game. Somewhere in there will be some physical activity of some sort. Jogging atleast 3 days next week with bicycle riding 4 days. Weight lifting 4 days and sit ups atleast 4 days. I want to improve distances next week. I am not worried about time right now. At this point I am not swimming, as our pool is still too cold for me to get in so I will have to simulate some swimming strokes here with the weights until I can get in the pool.

lost inches this week. will post more later