Friday, February 8, 2008

Putting the stuff of your life into a car

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Remember when you could load everything you own into your car? I had a friend who pretty much lived out of his VW Rabbit for about the six years after high school. He would load everything into his car every couple of months and move in one trip. He had everything he needed, a lamp, stereo, sleeping bag, clothes, kitchen stuff, etc.

I have just finished packing up the car with hopefully everything I need. There are a couple of things that I know I will need that I just did not have room for. So I will have to buy things like a bed, desk, TV, etc. when I get out there. I am trying to be careful not to buy things that I will not need once the rest of the family gets out there with me in June.

One thing that made packing interesting was that a Randy sent me some Original Space Bags. These things are SO COOL. I shoved my clothes into the bag, closed the zip lock, and then hooked up the vacuum cleaner. The bag shrunk in size and made packing things so much easier. These things were a life saver. Between the bags and the hanging bar for my shirts and jackets to hang from made it so that I could carry out many things that I would need.

I think I have everything I need. We shall soon find out, if I left something here that I need out there - it will have to be sent out via UPS.

The weather forecast looks decent. I expect to have rain through West Virginia and maybe some as I go through Oklahoma in couple of days.

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