Friday, February 22, 2008

The end of the first week at ASU

From The Crawfords in AZ Blog Photos

I am easing into things very nicely. Payroll finally processed my paperwork and put me in the system yesterday. This allowed me to get my Sun Card (the ASU ID) and my computer accounts. This morning I finished setting up my computer and accounts and started getting access to various systems so that I can see the processes being used and become familiar with them.

There is always something interesting going on around here. This afternoon our office was buzzed by a helicopter as it was approaching the recreation fields for a landing. It appears that the ROTC was going on a drill this weekend and they were shuttling the kids from campus to where ever they were going. BTW, that building in the background is the Student Recreation Complex (I will be blogging about that soon) and the picture was taken from the outside balcony of my building (Computer Commons).

It also looks like I got here just in time. The AZ Governor has put a hiring freeze into effect. No one knows what that means for ASU or my department yet, but it is nice to not have to worry about stuff like that.

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