Saturday, February 23, 2008

Going to see the caber toss

From The Crawfords in AZ Blog Photos

Today was a fun day in the sun at the 44th Annual Arizona Scottish Gathering & Highland Games in Central Phoenix.

I spent most of the day watching Wicked Tinkers, a tribal celtic bagpipe, drums, didgeridoos, and bronze age irish horn band. These guys are pretty good and are a lot of fun to watch. So much so that I watch all three of their 45 minute performances throughout the day. I also caught the performances of Chris Yates as “Rusty Nuts” and the 10 foot scotsman “Woody McCloud”.

It was nice to have a shepard’s pie for lunch while watching the heavy athletics. Apparently these games are one of the first of the season. One of the competitors was a national and international champion. In addition, it appears that the area has a lot of great pipe bands and apparently the top international drum major was at these games as well. It was great to hear the pipes again.

I got a little sunburned, but it was worth it. I have added a couple of pictures from the games to the Arizona Fun photo album.

Today was also the Tidewater Council’s University of Scouting. I am really proud of Chris and the gang for putting on a great event, I wish I could have been part of the team this year.

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