Saturday, April 25, 2009

Furlough Friday #5

Yesterday was my fifth of twelve furlough days, and this time I had planned a 100+ mile bike ride. The ride was to have taken me up AZ-87 to Fountain Hills, then north around the McDowell Mountains to Rio Verde, west to Scottsdale, then north to Cave Creek and Carefree, then south through central Phoenix, and then through ASU on the way home.

Unfortunately I never felt quite right when starting the ride, despite making good time in getting to Fountain Hills. I stopped there for a bite to eat and then head north. By the time I started heading west, I started to feel more aches and pains and my pace slowed. It is important to point out that I was pretty much in the middle of nowhere. After all, Rio Verde is nothing more than a golf community for snowbirds and people with too much money on their hands after retirement (or so it seems).

I limped back to Scottsdale and worked my way to the 101 so that Dawn could pick me up. I still managed to pedal over 50 miles, but fell short of seeing some of the places I wanted to see. The heat was not a factor since it was partly cloudy and only got to the upper 80s.

So now I need to figure out if I want to try again in two weeks or one of the other rides I had been thinking about.


  1. I remember Cave Creek, my former in-laws lived there. Neat little old west type town

  2. I was thinking that's where they were.