Sunday, April 19, 2009

Forest of Cacti

This weekend we took a drive to the Usery Mountain Regional Park. The park is located between the eastern edge of the county and separates Mesa from the Tonto National Forest. We started the day by hiking up Pass Mountain to Wind Cave. The hike felt truly like a hike in the desert due to all of the cacti and the terrain. The kids had a blast hiking to the wind cave, where the wind has carved out an overhang in the mountain. Bees have since bored into the cave and you could hear a continuous buzzing from behind the rock wall. There was only one spot where you could see honey comb leaking out of the rock.

The view of the valley was spectacular. On the closet mountain is a huge sign pointing the way to Phoenix. Apparently the sign was build by Air Scouts in the 50s to help lost pilots.

Unfortunately, we were not able to hike around Pass Mountain because of the late start and increasing temperatures. We are expecting 100 temperatures on Tuesday, but there is a chance it could get to 100 on Monday. May 1st, is the "average day" when we get to the 100s.

Below are pictures from the hike:

I have also included pictures from the Army ROTC's departure to their drill weekend on Thursday:

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