Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hiking on Four Peaks

I took the week off from work so that I could get a break while Dawn was on her break between quarters at SCNM. I worked on a major project that I will post about soon, but on Wednesday we took some time off to go hiking. Four Peaks is an iconic backdrop to the northeast and is also the icon for the local brewing company as well. There would have been a picture of Four Peaks, except that is the day that the weather turned from nice and warm to cloudy and rainy. First thing to know about Four Peaks is that the tallest peak (7,657 feet) is the only named peak (Brown's Peak); therefore the temperature can be 20 degrees cooler than that of the Valley. It was a different hike that we normally take because of the terrain. We only took a five mile hike to the saddle; however I did go a bit further up the peak, but I would have had to do a bit of climbing to reach the top and I was not prepared to do that in the cold rain that blew up on the peak. Here are some photos from the hike.

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