Sunday, April 24, 2011

DIY Projects

As mentioned in an earlier post, Steven took some time off from work and was using the time to work on some projects.

The first project was a computer desk for the living room. I came across some plans on the internet that I thought would work really well. The desk is a bit taller than I expected, but turned out to be fantastic. The shelves on the side provides for a way to hide the computer hardware such as the printer, cable modem, power cords, etc., while providing easy-access shelving for game disks and other items. The best part is that the desk is in three separate parts to let us move it into another room if we wanted to without having to play tetris to get it through a door or down a hallway. The plan is now to make two more of these that are a bit shorter for both Steven and Dawn.

Next up was to build to bar stools. We wanted new stools for the kitchen bar and Steven found these plans online. Steven started by modifying the plans to make the stools nine inches shorter to better so that it would match the height of our kitchen bar. Conveniently, the stools are also a great height for the new computer desk. So Steven build two for the kitchen and two for the computer desk that can be moved to the kitchen whenever we want to have more people around the bar.

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