Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting back to normal

First and foremost, Steven got his bike back today! So after a long seven and half weeks, he will begin biking to work again. The weather has been cooperating, and we are looking forward to the high temperatures getting into the mid-80s this week with the lows still hovering in the low 50s. Plus the girls are on spring break this week, so the good weather is a very welcome thing after the soggy February we just had (1.36" - 19th wettest on record) the followed the 4th wettest January (2.43").

Not too long ago, Lindsey had another chorus concert and Steven recorded (see video below). He has also been having fun with his new camera. He has made a point to take a picture everyday that he shares on Flickr. Take a look at the album below.

Dawn picked up tickets for us all to go to Senior Day for the ASU Men's Basketball team. It was great to see ASU wallop UCLA from the tip, but it was sad to see ASU miss the NCAA Tournament despite finishing second in the Pac-10 Conference during the regular season.

Steven also took a day off to join Lexi and her class for a field trip to Chase Field. They enjoyed getting a behind the scenes tour that included the visiting team's locker room and the home team dugout.

Chase Field Tour:

Picture of the Day:

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