Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Arizona Renaissance Festival

Saturday was not just the Spring Equinox, but also a day for us to visit the Arizona Renaissance Festival. The festival is located about a 30 minute drive from us, just east of the Superstition Mountains.

We made sure that we attended all three jousting tournaments. The first one ends with no real winner declared after a great spectacle of the catching rings on their lances, running obstacle courses, and then jousting each other. The second one ends with a bit of a temper tantrum with two knights challenging the two to a "duel to the death". The final joust ends with all of the knights eventually being dismounted and then engaging in sword play. At one point, an "evil" knight wields a flaming sword. But in the end a "good" knight wins.

We also caught a show of a guy that does all sorts of neat tricks with a whip, including one that is on fire as he uses it.

There were a lot of street entertainers and costumes to see. We started planning what we might wear for Halloween and next year's ren faire.

The girls had a blast and it was a beautiful spring day that was nice and warm. Yes, we all did come home with a little sunburn from the AZ sun, but it was a very mild one.

This was also the end of Spring Break for the girls, they go back to school on Monday.

Pictures from the Arizona Renaissance Festival:

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