Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's my birthday...

So it is just Dawn and I for my birthday, and Dawn had been kicking around an idea that we should go tubing down the Salt River. We kinda did not want to go without the girls; however, when some friends suggested (who did not know at the time it was my birthday) we should all go tubing, we were on the river as fast we could get there. We hit the river and enjoyed a nice float on some fast moving water with small rapids scattered about.

Some of these folks on the river take their tubing seriously. Some have their own massive tubes to carry the coolers full of food and drink, as well as their radio. I saw one guy that had made his own floating, waterproof, solar powered radio.

The highlight had to be seeing several groups of wild horses a long the river.

We had a blast and then Dawn took me to a great restaurant at Tempe Marketplace call the Keg Steakhouse. After some ice cream, we headed off to meet some friends and then enjoyed a quiet evening at home.

It was great talking to family who called to give me birthday wishes during the day, and then to some of them again today for Father's Day. The real bummer was that there were a lot of sales and deals, but dads had to bring their kid in to receive the deal. Maybe next year.

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