Saturday, January 24, 2009

Strange week kept getting stranger

Short weeks can be such a pain in the neck. Tuesday was the first day of classes at ASU and everything started off quiet enough. There were no surprises or faculty panicking about stuff not working.

Then there was Wednesday...

The State of Arizona is suffering a major budget deficit and supposedly will run out of money in April or maybe even March. Also, we had a new governor sworn in since Gov. Napolitano is new Secretary of Homeland Security. On Wednesday morning the faculty and staff receive a dire email from President Crow (see email and report at AZCentral). So morale was pretty low and stayed that way the rest of the week. There have been a lot of protests and more details of how bad things could be emerged on Friday at AZCentral.

So on the way home I decided to take a different way home. Usually I bike down a road with a real nice bike lane, but on Friday I decided to go a little further south and bike along the canal. I had never taken this route to go home, but I have ridden it before. There was rain in the area, so what made the ride especially nice was the fact that I was chasing a rainbow all the way home. I felt that everything was going be okay and that hope was still alive.

Until I got to the last street to cross...

As I approached the street I was going to turn on to head home, I found it blocked. Two cars had an accident and somehow both of them ended up in the canal as pictured above. I think that everyone walked away from the accident since I was saw one woman climb a ladder out of the canal and did not see rescue personnel with anyone else. It took them at least five hours to clear that accident. But at least I was able to move on and finish chasing the rainbow home.

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