Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oops... been busy

Oops, it has been too long since I have updated the blog, so I will try to catch things up here and now.

Christmas was a very nice time here, but we missed seeing our friends and family back east. It just so happens that this was the first time since 1994 that it rained on Christmas Day. The good news is that most of the rain came down while we were at the movies, but it stopped right after we got home and was nice enough for the girls to play outside with their presents.

The following weekend was the grand opening of the new light rail. It was the coldest weekend we have experienced here with overnight lows at freezing and high in the upper 40s. However, we still volunteered for the light rail opening. We helped with distributing commemorative t-shirts and directing pedestrian traffic and bypassed riding the light rail since the lines were over three hours long for a lot of the time.

New Year’s Eve was a nice quiet affair at home. It was neat to see that the Times Square broadcast was tape delayed for our time zone.

One of the things that made the holidays interesting was the fact that I worked during the holidays. I am used to getting the entire time off from work between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, but that also means that I do not get the other holidays during the year. However, at ASU we do not get that long break, but we do get the other holidays throughout the year. I took advantage of the quiet campus to get things done.

The last big thing is that Dawn’s mother was visiting with us for the last two weeks. It was nice to have her in town and Dawn and the girls really enjoyed spending time with her.

We have a lot planned for the year and we look forward to posting all of our adventures here,

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