Monday, August 25, 2008

Sold and sold!

The house in Virginia is sold and out of my hair, that made the weekend so much easier to deal with, except we were supposed to also sign for the Arizona house on Friday. We were unable to sign due to paperwork problems.

As previously mentioned, I was at the Downtown Campus and Dawn with in class at the Tempe Campus today. As I was heading out of my meetings to catch the shuttle back to Tempe, I get a call...

Great news!! Everything fixed with the paperwork. The way things work in AZ, you do all of the paperwork and then after the Deed of Trust is filed, you are given the keys. Whereas in Virginia, you sign the paperwork and get the keys and the deed is filed a day or two later. So in order to hopefully get the keys on Wednesday, we had to sign today.

I managed to let Dawn know before she left campus so that I could meet her when I back there so that we could go sign. It meant getting up to the northern part of Scottsdale, but we made it and we signed. On Wednesday, we will get a call from our super wonderful real estate agent and she will give us a secret code to the lock box at the house to get our keys. Then the real fun can begin - painting and getting our stuff out of storage.

I think the above picture symbolizes what it has felt like at times. This is a new sculpture that has been put up at Central Park in Phoenix across from the ASU Downtown Campus.

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