Friday, February 26, 2010

well, my friends are blogging about their weight loss and I just sit here getting fatter. This year has been overwhelming so far. Christmas was wonderful, had Patrick out here, the weather was nice, got good grades in my class I was taking. The students I teach earned good grades so I felt awesome. Steven got me both Jillian Michaels Ultimate Fitness and Wii Active for Christmas so I had workout plans for indoors until I can get outside again. Christmas day Patrick left to go back to Virginia. I didn't realize that I was so exhausted until after he left. I started back to teaching on January 4th and picked up a lot of substituing at work. The paycheck liked it but the good exercise habits I was hoping to build didn't materialize. I find that right now I am having issues in putting on 3 or 4 different sets of clothes in one day. I don't like it. It bothers me to make that much laundry or exert that much effort. So when something came along to stop it I didn't put up much of a fight. In January we had some fantastic rain storms. Of course Steven was still riding his bike, but picked up a stone during one of the storms and did horrible things to his brakes and rims. So his bike has been out of operation since the middle of January. Having to take him to the metro atleast 2 days(if not all 5) a week and substituting made sure I didn't ride my bike or keep up my exercise routine when I got home. I don't always appreciate an audience(my children) that tells me they can do it better or that I am doing it wrong so I don't exercise when they are home. So there has been no exercise since his bike broke which is about 6 weeks now. I have also taken this semester off from classes and have found that I drifted from my goals a little. The break has been good, but I am ready to go now. Steven keeps telling me public accountability helps so counting on y'all for some help.

It was my goal to run in a 5k on the day before Valentines Day. It was a source of major disappointment when I didn't run. However, I did take Steven out for a wonderful Valentines dinner at the J&G Steakhouse atop the wonderful Phoneican Resort on Camelback Mountain. Finding some thing to wear was a real pain in the butt and he will tell you he saw about 3 outfits before i got in the car. so new goals:
I want to particpate in the SheRox( sprint distance triathlon on May 8th. That is a half mile swim, a 13 mile bike ride and a 3 mile run. I feel as if I can do the bike ride already. The swim will probaby be the most challenging since it is still a little cool for the pool(at least to my thinking). The run would just be reallllllllly slow right now. So I plan on getting back in the saddle by training for it and telling you all about my progress. Steven can take pictures with his spiffy new camera and you can tell me about your efforts. Send me pictures of you too so that we can encourage each other no matter what our goals.

right now here are my stats(no laughing or gasping)
weight no idea not going to find out yet
neck 14.5
upper arm 14
bust 44.5
waist 40.5
abdomen 46.5
hips 46
thigh 26
size 16/18

to reduce that size down to a 10
by July 1

bike ride would like to be doing 100 mile rides by Sept 1 with Steven
swim want to be able to swim that mile
running: 1/2 marathon by next January?
hiking with Steven on the hard hikes by the fall

Secondary goal: to knock Steven's socks off when on our 16th anniversary August 1st I put on a dress that is so little and sexy that he has to deal with all the other guys looking at me when he takes me to dinner.(Start saving dear!!!!!)


  1. All good goals and if you keep your focus you can make it. You will make me work harder too. At least it should start warming up some. If we could get rid of this wind we could at least walk when the sun is out.

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