Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Patrick in the Valley

On Wednesday Patrick arrived here in the valley and we have been running around showing him the area.

On Thursday, Dawn took Patrick on a tour of ASU and then Steven joined in for lunch. The girls demanded that they show Patrick off to their friends as they got out of school and then we took him to Organ Stop Pizza so he can witness the power of the Mighty Wurlitzer and its nearly 6,000 pipes. We had a great time and really enjoyed the music. They played a lot of songs that we had not heard before and it was great to hear these tunes.

Steven took Friday off and we took Patrick around some of the popular areas around the eastern part of the valley including Camelback Mountain, Downtown Phoenix, and we spent some time at Papago Park and Hole in the Rock. Then we grabbed the girls after school got out and headed to South Mountain to watch the sun set and the lights come on in Phoenix.

Then we took a couple of days to relax a little and to make the final preparations for Christmas.

Today, Dawn took them all to the Arizona Natural History Museum in Mesa where they had a lot of fun, especially panning for gold.

Below are some of the pictures that Steven took using a DSLR camera from work. It is similar to the one he wants to get. He has a lot of fun taking pictures in conditions that his camera can not handle and using a style he can not do with his camera.

Organ Stop Pizza

Hole in the Rock

South Mountain

Christmas Lights

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