Friday, May 29, 2009

Whirlwind Tour of AZ

We had originally planned to blog while Steven's parents were here, but that did not happen. They arrived on Tuesday afternoon after driving across country on I-40. Ironically, the night before they arrived, we had a monsoon like storm blow through the area. Despite sudden clouds and coolness, we began a whirlwind tour of Arizona.

Wednesday began with a drive up South Mountain to Dobbins Lookout and then to the top where the TV towers are. When then drove down the mountain and right down Central through Downtown Phoenix to give them a quick tour. We continued on to Camelback Mountain and then Scottsdale. We took some time to walk around Papago Park where Hunt's Tomb and to the Hole in the Rock. Finally, dinner was at our favorite seafood restaurant, Pacific Seafood.

Thursday we took the light rail to campus and we gave them a tour of ASU and had lunch on Mill Ave in Tempe. We then took the light rail to the Downtown Campus and walked back to the Arizona Center looking at all of the sights along the way. My Dad especially liked the art in front of the Herberger Theater near the Convention Center. Finally, we took a look at the US Airways Center and Chase Field before heading back home to have dinner at Organ Stop Pizza. This was also the last day of school for the girls.

Friday was the big day. We took a drive out to the big hole in the ground, the Grand Canyon. We started out around 6:30am and drove in the rain most of the way there. It was cold (at least to us) in Flagstaff where we had a very late breakfast and then we were on to the Canyon. When we got there, the place was cloudy and we were able to see the other canyon outlook just down from us due to the clouds in the Canyon. Then suddenly, the clouds poured out of the Canyon and we had great views despite the overcast sky. We were all over the South Rim including the Bright Angel Lodges and Hopi House. Then we had a long wet drive back to Mesa, but not before stopping at a country dinner on Route 66 in Williams, AZ.

On Saturday we relaxed a bit and host a cookout so some of our neighbors could meet my parents and vice versa. Sunday was another packing and relaxing day. Finally on Monday, they packed up the girls and left for Virginia. We had a great time here with them and wish they could have stayed longer, but we are also looking forward to hearing about how much fun the girls have visiting Virginia.

See all of the pictures from the visit.

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