Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hiking on South Mountain

It has been too long again. We enjoyed catching Cardinal Fever and we were rooting for the home team in the Super Bowl. There was a lot of excitement in the week leading up to the game and it would have been crazy here had the Cardinals won.

Also in the budget news, it was announced that all ASU employees will be taking furloughs before June 30th. I have to take twelve days between now and June 30th. I am looking forward to taking some long bike rides and getting stuff done around the house on these furlough days.

Dawn is plugging away at classes and the girls are still doing their thing.

This past Sunday we finally went to South Mountain in Phoenix to go hiking. I have been wanting to go here since I got here and we finally made it.

This place is huge! The closet trailhead is a twenty minute drive from the house and the park is home to lots of trails (longest is 15.5 miles) that allow hiking, biking, and horseback riding. We wandered through the Pima Canyon section of the mountain and stopped to take in the sights (see the pictures in the photo album). We visited some of the CCC structures that still remain in the park and found some natural tunnels. From one spot we could see the stadium where the Cardinals play in Glendale, the stadium where the Diamondbacks play in Phoenix, and “A” Mountain at ASU.

Now that the mornings start off in the 50s and reach the low 80s in the afternoon, I suspect you will see more postings and pictures on a regular basis.

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