Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lazy weekend

From The Crawfords in AZ Blog Photos

I started off the weekend by heading out to Mill Avenue. Think of Virginia Beach’s Town Center except that it is fully developed, larger, and has one of the biggest party schools next door. This being the last weekend of spring break there were not as many people here as normal, so that made for a “quieter” evening. Since it was I on my own for the evening, I had a chance to explore some of the shops and restaurants. I plan on visiting again soon. I was at Z’Tejas having dinner and watching the basketball games when I saw the stunning events in Atlanta with the tornado. The places damaged (The mall that CNN is in & Olympic Park) were places we visited this past summer.

I started Saturday by watching more basketball. I was able to see the ODU Lady Monarchs win over the CAA’s streaming video site. I then headed over to Tempe Marketplace, a new outdoor mall that opened back in the fall and later to Mesa Riverview, which is still building and adding tenets.

Sunday was another lazy day of watching basketball, reading, and doing laundry. I did not go for a ride to day since it is too cold and windy. Well the high was only 62 or so and that is cold - and it was windy. Since Comcast was broadcasting the ODU game, there was not a video stream this time, so I had to rely on ESPN’s web site and Dawn’s IMs to keep up with the game. I am glad they won their 17th straight conference championship. Too bad ASU did not make the Men’s Tourney, I am hoping that they will host a NIT game - I might try to go. While channel flipping, I got to see Tiger tear up the links and make a great final putt to win.

BTW, the blue heron is from last week’s bike ride.

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